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As of the end of this generation of consoles, more and more people have been switching to PC. I for one am all for people coming over into the PC gaming world, so that they can experience what I have been preaching for a long time.

Unfortunately, PC gaming has a lot of myths surrounding it that holds a large portion of gamers from ever venturing into it. So for the rest of this article I will attempt to explain away a few common PC gaming myths.

Controllers are better then Keyboard and Mouse

This is not really a myth as much as an opinion (that I don’t agree with), but it is something I feel should be addressed.

Sometimes keyboard and mouse are not the best tools for a game. Fear not, for I got you covered. If by chance you happen to own a wired Xbox 360 controller, you are good to go as since Windows Vista, the Xbox controller has been Plug-n-Play on Windows as well as most games supporting them. XP is also supports the controller, but requires a driver to be downloaded from Microsoft (May no longer be required)

Note: you can use both wireless Xbox and PS3 controllers on PC, but setting these up require a bit more of an investment whether that be in time or money.

There is no reason to switch from (Insert Console Here)

Thinking about an response to this point was a harder task then I thought it would be, but it boils down to to the individual’s situation. I am generalizing quite heavily here but most gamers will fit in to one of theses archetypes more than any other.

This group is probably the most noticeable and common type of gamer, the person who really only buys the latest Call of Duty, EA Sports, Take Two, Big name company, and possibly the odd game here and there they saw on YouTube. Let’s call them the “Yearly Subscriber”.

Next up we have the gamer who spends a large portion of their time gaming with people from Work, School, etc. To generalize this group generally won’t be the type to go out to a midnight release foaming at the mouth in their T-shirt with the main character on it (If they have one) assuming they even go to the release at all. Lets call them the “AYGGI(Are you guys getting it) Gamer”.

Now this last group includes those people you know/hear of that have more time played on one save of their game. then you do on any game series you can think of combined. This group has beaten their game of choice more often then any random user of 4chan /b/ masturbates. Lets call this group “The Thousand Hour Save Club (THC for Short)”.

With the groups now outlined, the only one of these three groups I can see possibly gaining a more in a more positive gaming experience is members of the THC. With the amount of Community-Created mods to all nature of games, I could see THC having a much better experience with something as small as faster quick saves and loading screens, to something as big as Falskaar for Skyrim.

That last statement is not to say that the other two groups would not benefit from switching to PC, but the benefits for them are not as big or worthy if they are already invested in a console. Compare it to having a Honda Civic, and thinking about buying a Dodge Viper. Yes the Viper is better, but with a car that works just fine and and gets you around it is hard to justify buying the Viper.

Now because my English teacher liked to complain that I don’t end things clearly enough, I am going to attempt to summarize.

How the myth “There is no reason to switch” came about is understandable. For a good amount of people there is almost no hard reason to switch to PC after making the investment of a console. For a gamer looking to get more out of their experience, PC gaming is a good value. For anyone else, unless you are looking for a new computer anyway, getting into PC gaming is more of a luxury than a need.

Disclaimer: This was written by D3Boy510 and he asked me to post this for him while he was away today. All credit goes to him.

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