Let’s Talk: Call of Duty Ghosts

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Call of Duty Ghosts is one of the most anticipated games that the world is looking for. New engine, new maps, new guns what else is there to look for?

The campaign looks stunning, with a whole new story and a whole new element will be taken place in this new Call of Duty, between fallen cities and under water adventures. from seal team six Riley the dog is a computerized image of the real thing, i was thinking that cant be. It is true the dog from Seal team six is in Ghosts and his name is Riley. this campaign is nothing like we have seen in any COD. Campaign is one thing, now multiplayer. New guns and maps that change, that is what i am really excited about. If you throw C4 down it will cause a dent in the map and show weak structures like in previous battlefield games. You want to look like a mercenary? or maybe a ARMY Ranger, or even a Navy Seal, that is possible with the 20000 possible customizableĀ options you will get to make your own soldier to play with in Multiplayer.

Besides destructible maps and customizableĀ solders we have new kill streaks and 30 new weapons. Marksmen rifles are completely new. if you like the Kar 98 or the M1 Garand from Call of Duty 2 you will like these new weapons. Sadly there will be no Nazi zombies, however there will be a new feature called squad battle. Squad battle is where you have your own 10 custom classes and have your own 10 soldiers face another friends own customs classes and their own soldiers. Give one of your AI a sniper he will camp on a roof top and use Claymores, give another AI a SMG he will charge with you and take point, give one a LMG and he will use suppressive/ covering fire to help support your team. Multiplayer too hard for you, no problem in squad battle, you can rank up and unlock different kill streaks and weapons just like you would in multiplayer and the xp counts toward your multiplayer rank as well. From the hardcore gamer to the novice noob this game is exciting everyone world wide, I plan on getting Call of Duty Ghosts on midnight release and i hope to see the fans buy this game and enjoy it as well.


This is OscarMike and I hope you enjoy this article.

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