August 15th Xbox Free to play game: Dead Rising 2

Xbox gold members, as you already know or heard about, Dead Rising 2 is free for xbox live gold members. This also includes the DLC Dead Rising: Case Zero. Dead Rising is also an xbox live exclusive and the third will come out on the next gen console as an exclusive game as well. If you never played a dead rising game, now’s the time to check it out.
Dead Rising two takes place after the events of Dead Rising, and brings a lot of changes to the series. You can play co-op, craft weapons, and play online multiplayer for in-game cash. Dead Rising two in my opinion is worth the download and xbox storage space. Also, you do not need to play the first tule ja käy  game to understand the story. Case Zero does connect the first game to the second one, so if you haven’t played the first one, you might want to wait on Case Zero. The game is played the same way, you have cases and three days until the military arrives to clean things up. There are still psychopaths and zombies ready to kill you at almost every turn. Grab a friend and defeat everything with a partner, or just attack each other. So encourage a buddy to download this game with you and play together. Afterwards, go online and try out the multiplayer. Tune in next time for the next free game on Xbox.

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