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GTA V is launching in three weeks, and talk of the game has been everywhere. Rumors about the game have leaked as well. The game’s ending has been leaked, as well as the soundtrack for it. While one is a big spoiler, the other is the music that everyone enjoys listening to while playing. Are these rumors based on real proof, or is this just a Rockstar fan’s hyping up the game before release? We will not discuss the details of the spoilers or the music on the soundtrack in this article. None of it has been confirmed anyways, but we will talk about what I am looking forward to in GTA V and what I’m excited about from the trailers. The two things I am hype for in this game in the three person switching mechanic and the multiplayer.
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In previous GTA’s, the player would only play as the main character in the game, now in this upcoming game, you can switch between three. Using three characters instead of one, gives you a more dynamic approach to the missions the group does. I feel you, as a player, will be able to take on bigger role in the mission’s success rate. Watching the AI die and failing a mission, or feel an AI is not helping out as much as you want him/her to, will start to decrease. You have two other characters to set them up where you want, and with what guns to help you succeed. I’ll give an example of what I would most likely do with new switching feature. I’ll start off as the person who’s going to do a robbery, while setting up another with the getaway vehicle, so I don’t have to look for one while the police are shooting or even driving into me. Lastly, the third will give sniper support or air support. They do something similar in the trailer to show that off as well, but I like being able to switch and control that situation every step of the way almost. Not having to worry about the AI and what might happen along the way.

Lastly, the multiplayer aspect of the game hyped me up the most in the game. GTA IV was the first game to offer online multiplayer with multiple players. Sorry, but the co-op in San Andres doesn’t count. In GTA V, they are trying to expand and bring an even better multiplayer experience to the game, which was already impressive enough in the last game. They are making in more of an open world MMO online experience, where you get share the gameplay experience with everyone.

Personally, I suck at designing maps and race tracks, I prefer games like the last of us which in the next post I will be talking about How long does it take to beat the last of us, but anyways for the creative players out there, you have a new playground and I can’t wait to see what people can produce with this new feature. You will get much more information from the multiplayer trailer. Added to this experience that set it ap

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