8 Hours Should Be Worth More Then $1.50, Hearthstone…

If you happen to follow anything that Blizzard does or are an avid player of card games, then chances are you have heard of their new game Hearthstone.

In its simplest form, Hearthstone is a CCG (more on this later). You collect cards to build a deck and then you play against other people like any other card game. However unlike most popular card games, Hearthstone does not allow trading (hence the CCG instead of TCG).

Now when I first saw that Hearthstone did not have trading, I started to ask myself how they would allow players to get the cards they want outside of buy a bunch of packs until they get the card/s they want. The answer to that question is something only a digital game could offer reasonably, a crafting system.

Whenever you get a card you don’t want the game allows you to disenchant them for ÔÇťarcane dust,” which is then used to create cards. This system allows players to get rid of cards that they deem useless to their decks and instead, out them towards getting the cards they want, instead of having 15 copies of some common you keep opening.

Personally as it is, I’m hyped for Hearthstone, but that is not to say that I don’t have a few issues with it. My biggest issue with Hearthstone in its current stage is that it seems to be the worst kind of free to play, the kind where 1 dollar is equal to numerous hours of work. Yes, I understand in a free to play game money should save you time but just hear me out for a moment.

A pack of 5 cards costs 100g if you use in game currency, if you pay cash it costs $3 for 2 packs (minimum you can buy with money), on paper this looks fair enough, until you realize that you get 5 gold every 5 wins. That means that even if you were to win every game you play in 5 minutes, it would take you 500 minutes or 8 hours and 20 minutes to get 1 pack, that is an insane amount of time for $1.50 worth of content.

All that I ask from Blizzard is that they actually take information from the beta and actually use it, rather than using the beta as a publicity stunt like most games do.

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