Microsoft Points Are Gone


If you been on Xbox recently, they got rid of Microsoft points and are now using real life currency. PSN (PlayStation Network) used real life currency, and Nintendo had Wii points (now regular currency), and Microsoft had Microsoft points. But with the new update, Microsoft has abolished Microsoft points from being used. You can say, they were last on the band wagon to make this change. Normally, what difference does the game currency make to a console? Console currency doesn’t have too much difference for American users like me, but what about on the global scale?
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Personally, I don’t mind the change, but I do support it. This just saves me a trip to the store to buy a card. On a side note, you can still buy the cards, but they will convert it to currency. As an adult, I have a credit card or debt card to put in and pay for whatever game or downloadable content (DLC) I want. For teens and younger kids, who can’t get parents credit/debit cards, they will most likely go back to whatever place sales the card to transfer the funds. The other thing that I support about this change, is not remembering the ratio of money and points. I have 1600 points, so I have 20 dollars, but if I have 1200, how much do I have? It take out that little math calculation you might have to do, but wasn’t too much of a big deal. Just removing a minor inconvenience and it’s a plus.

Now, let’s talk about the inconveniences experienced on a global level, for example, will use Canada. For Canada, with Microsoft points, they got 10 less point for a dollar. Paying twenty dollar for a Microsoft card in Canada, only 1400 Microsoft points were given. Also, they could buy in 500 points increments on console. But with this system in place, it made it tough globally or outside the US to benefit from Microsoft points. Having only 1400 points made it cost more for a 1600 point arcade game, or having 500 points, yet a map pack cost 800. With this currency system changed, countries like Canada can now benefit fairly in terms of buying and downloading content or games.

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