Let’s talk: Dead Rising 3

First we were playing as photo journalist Frank West in Willamette Colorado, then we moved to Fortune City where we took control of motocross superstar Chuck Greene. Now we’re playing as a mechanic Nick Ramos in Los Perdidos  California.. The city of Los Perdidos is a huge open environment where the player could do anything they want in an open setting that is bigger then the mall in Willamette and fortune city combine.

Players will be able to visit open streets, to different houses in all sizes, to stores, to hospitals and even police stations. Getting to those places is going to prove a challenge, good thing there are many different vehicles to choose from. In Dead Rising 3 you can combine vehicles, for example you can combine a motorcycle and a steam roller for a more effective/efficient vehicle. Like in Dead Rising 2 this game is going to give you the option to play cooperatively with a friend. In this map the players will be able to use everything at their disposal, to a rusty screw driver to a huge sledgehammer. Melee weapons not your type? There is going to be a wide variety of guns as well, for example a small but effective pistol to a large machine gun where you can take out more than one zombie in a single burst. The new smart glass feature and Kinect allows the player to use his or her voice to help them get out of certain situations, but the player has to be careful if their loud with using the Kinect or in game they might attract unwanted attention. Players won’t have to go looking for benches to combine their weapons now, with the hands on free pack the player can craft weapons without benches, and all you need is the supplies necessary to craft the item. In a dark room, now you won’t have to choose between seeing or being safe, you can combine a pistol with a flashlight with the hands on free pack to get the best of both worlds. I hope everyone is excited about this as much as I am, Dead Rising 3 does not have an exact launch date, it’s exclusively for Xbox one.

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