My thought’s on when the Xbox One should be released

November will be an excited time for gamers, for those who love the Slots Mummy games. Why you may ask? The PS4 has been announced to be released on November 15th. I have personally owned both previous systems, and enjoyed them both. But, I am an xbox fanboy and favor the xbox 360 over the PS3. Yet, as a hardcore gamer, I will most likely buy both platforms coming out. Now, everyone question with this new console release is how will Microsoft and the Xbox one respond to this? Will Xbox try for an early release date, or will it be pushed back after Sony? I’m hoping for an early release date.

In my opinion, Microsoft should release their console to the public before Sony. I think a week before, on November 8th would be the latest they should release it, and any earlier would just benefit Microsoft more. My ideology on releasing a console first is that you’re giving the consumers, or gamers, the product they want first. They show off the launch games before the other platform, and get gamers showing off their new console to their friends. Showing off the console, reading articles about it online, seeing gameplay from the system, can persuade some people to take a second guess at which console a person should get. I’m not talking about a hardcore Xbox fan, or a hardcore Sony fan that going to get their respective system no matter what, but the in-between people who iffy on which console to get. Those iffy gamers will look at how each console is fairing upon release. A good head start and no system hardware problems will give the “early bird,” the edge in this competition.

What I believe will happen if Microsoft releases the console after Sony; is that it will lose popularity, and lose people’s attention, because that same ideology from above will now work in Sony favor. What would be interesting is if they release both consoles at the same time, which I don’t see happening. Sony has set the bar on the release date and now its Microsoft time to respond to that date. November is only three months away, so hopefully soon we will hear an exact release date for the xbox one. This year, Microsoft got a disadvantage at E3, by talking about features that were not fan favorite, and the 180 change as gamers call it did improve the popularity quite a bit, but in order to compete equally with Sony PS4, we should see a release for the xbox one before the PS4.

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