Xbox One Release Date Announced.


If you are interested in the Xbox One even slightly, I suggest you read on, as the release date has been announced.For the past few months people have been going nuts about the new consoles and I don’t blame them, This has been the longest gap in a major home console releases ever. Anyway, without further delay I shall announce the release date for the Xbox One as November 22 Worldwide. This means that while the PS4 will release before Xbox in the US, it will be out before the PS4 in most of the EU. I personally feel that Microsoft should have tried to release before the PS4 in the US as that is where Microsoft tends to make the most sales, but obviously they have market research that says this is the best course of action they can make currently, and I’m just some guy on the internet


Before I end this article, I would like to ask, Do you think this is a spot for MS to release? Should they have waited? Leave your answer in the comments or tweet #ForeverGaming

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