Where’s has the music games gone?

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I was going through my game case the other day, you know, thinking about when I used to play slotzo now, and I stumbled upon rock band 3 and guitar hero 3. This got my brain thinking, we haven’t had a good music type game in a while. I mean, we had some music releases like DJ hero, and games where you dance with the Kinect. But I haven’t seen a game where you would want to or prefer to use an instrument. The drums, keyboard, and guitars are not sold in stores anymore, and I don’t think they sell them at gamestop or have them in stock. Did the era of music games pass by? I remember when guitar hero 3 was a big hit, and rock band was a popular game some years back. Now, I never hear about games like those. What happened?

In my opinion music games have become less popular due to the new motion control games out there. The Kinect, playstation move, and the Wii is all about motion control. With games like Just dance taking on the role of music type games with interactive dancing. I will admit, watching your friend try to dance to your favorite song is pretty funny. But will this be the new path in music games? I hope not, or those guitars will be a thing of the past. Guitarsmith was the last guitar focused game I can remember being released. Rock band 3 pretty much, I feel, ended the music game series. Rock band 3 has the music store integrated in the game, and guitar hero had you able to create songs and share songs with other. They tried to integrate learning a real guitar into the game as well. But nothing beats real life lessons, and with a music store that consistently updates, I see no point in getting the next game. They had no real storyline, and the real band titles like the Beatles, were good, but I feel younger audiences would pass that up except for the keyboard instrument you could play. There’s no way to keep improving the game unless you got to play new songs, but you can buy CD’s or find it online if you want to hear a song. Music games were popular party games and that’s what made them strive, but with new party type of games coming out, music games are becoming forgotten and an idea of the past.

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