Diablo 3 has arrived on console

So Diablo 3 has been released on console, and they have improved the game and built the game back up from the ground in order to transfer it to console. The game was released on September 3rd. As a diablo fan or a blizzard fan, and having a console, I would recommend picking up the game. They made some changes that change the gameplay from the game on PC. Many would think why buy this if you already have it on PC? If you have a console, they added some new features and made some changes, which are worth looking into and possible restart the flame for diablo lovers.

Blizzard in my opinion has done a good job for porting a PC game to console for console players to enjoy. It is priced at $60 like any regular Xbox 360 or PS3 game. They still have Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno levels to go through. Also, they have a difficulty setting that would control the MP level (MP = monster power). After the hard setting, you have Master I all the way up to Master V with is MP 10.  The cookie cutter builds are still possible and able to attain gear in a easier fashion, but I’ve noticed that players are adjusting their build because they are getting weapons they couldn’t get before thanks to better drops. Players are branching out from the recommended builds and making new ones that keep the game fun or is more effective in farming.

Besides the controls, some things you might notice is there’s no Auction house. No more buying weapons, armors, or whatever you want to upgrade. Blizzard has made up for this with loot 1.5, which is improved loot system. Legendaries and build changing gear drop way more often than on PC, until the expansion. Another feature they have is that each new character still uses the paragon level of your highest level paragon character. The only downfall in this game is smaller mobs and lower mob density due to the amount a console can hold on screen without causes any issues. Blizzard is trying to show off the new improvements PC players can look forward to in the next expansion.

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