September Free Xbox Game: Magic 2013

Magic, a game that has been around for a very long time has been played from school lunchrooms, to on the computer, all the way to the gaming consoles. Magic 2013-Duels of the Planeswalker is September free gold game of the month. This game brings the popular card game to all xbox live gold members. If you’re new to magic or want to learn a little bit about it, read on.

Magic is a turn base card game, where players have to build mana, by placing land cards, and play creatures, in order to defeat their opponents. This card game features a life meter, which can be directly attacked. Players can also set cards as blockers to block the attack if they want. These blockers cannot attack, so each turn you can have every creature attack but at a cost of no blockers, or have blockers but lose some attack damage. Some cards have special effect, and every card has a type which plays off a land card usually. Creatures can’t attack first turn and they do have ability type cards which has an effect. This is a small explanation of magic and I would recommend trying it out for free and learn to play for yourself.

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