Let’s talk: Dead Rising 3

First we were playing as photo journalist Frank West in Willamette Colorado, then we moved to Fortune City where we took control of motocross superstar Chuck Greene. Now we’re playing as a mechanic Nick Ramos in Los Perdidos  California.. The city of Los Perdidos is a huge open environment where the player could do anything they want in an open setting that is bigger then the mall in Willamette and fortune city combine.
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Let’s Talk: Call of Duty Ghosts

cod ghost
Call of Duty Ghosts is one of the most anticipated games that the world is looking for. New engine, new maps, new guns what else is there to look for?

The campaign looks stunning, with a whole new story and a whole new element will be taken place in this new Call of Duty, between fallen cities and under water adventures. from seal team six Riley the dog is a computerized image of the real thing, i was thinking that cant be. It is true the dog from Seal team six is in Ghosts and his name is Riley. this campaign is nothing like we have seen in any COD. Campaign is one thing, now multiplayer. New guns and maps that change, that is what i am really excited about. If you throw C4 down it will cause a dent in the map and show weak structures like in previous battlefield games. You want to look like a mercenary? or maybe a ARMY Ranger, or even a Navy Seal, that is possible with the 20000 possible customizable options you will get to make your own soldier to play with in Multiplayer.Continue reading