Diablo 3 has arrived on console

So Diablo 3 has been released on console, and they have improved the game and built the game back up from the ground in order to transfer it to console. The game was released on September 3rd. As a diablo fan or a blizzard fan, and having a console, I would recommend picking up the game. They made some changes that change the gameplay from the game on PC. Many would think why buy this if you already have it on PC? If you have a console, they added some new features and made some changes, which are worth looking into and possible restart the flame for diablo lovers.
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Diablo 3 Reaper of Soul Expansion Announcement


Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls expansion has been announced. Some of the things they mention is a new Act, smart drops, loot runs, ten levels, and a revamp on the paragon system, and a new character. There has been no price or date set for this release as of yet.

As a new player in this game, this expansion got me excited for my purchase. They’re making a lot of changes that I think will improve Diablo 3 and bring up the population of players more. I also like to see legendries drop a little bit more; I have yet to see any legendries despite being level 60, and at paragon 8. Also, I am playing on MP level 3 and no sighting of a legendary. In the expansion they said that will change, and the gear will be more towards your character. “Build changing gear” will bring more diversity in the gear that the player will use.Continue reading