Microsoft Points Are Gone


If you been on Xbox recently, they got rid of Microsoft points and are now using real life currency. PSN (PlayStation Network) used real life currency, and Nintendo had Wii points (now regular currency), and Microsoft had Microsoft points. But with the new update, Microsoft has abolished Microsoft points from being used. You can say, they were last on the band wagon to make this change. Normally, what difference does the game currency make to a console? Console currency doesn’t have too much difference for American users like me, but what about on the global scale?
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Xbox One Lineup and Reaper’s Thoughts

At Gamescon, the Xbox One lineup for release games has been revealed. Some games, I’m really looking forward to, while others, I think you might want to pick up on some spare change or rent it. Either way they have a great lineup and you should read more and check it out and read about what I’m looking forward to as well.
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