My thought’s on when the Xbox One should be released

November will be an excited time for gamers, for those who love the Slots Mummy games. Why you may ask? The PS4 has been announced to be released on November 15th. I have personally owned both previous systems, and enjoyed them both. But, I am an xbox fanboy and favor the xbox 360 over the PS3. Yet, as a hardcore gamer, I will most likely buy both platforms coming out. Now, everyone question with this new console release is how will Microsoft and the Xbox one respond to this? Will Xbox try for an early release date, or will it be pushed back after Sony? I’m hoping for an early release date.
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Let’s talk: Dead Rising 3

First we were playing as photo journalist Frank West in Willamette Colorado, then we moved to Fortune City where we took control of motocross superstar Chuck Greene. Now we’re playing as a mechanic Nick Ramos in Los Perdidos  California.. The city of Los Perdidos is a huge open environment where the player could do anything they want in an open setting that is bigger then the mall in Willamette and fortune city combine.
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Xbox One Lineup and Reaper’s Thoughts

At Gamescon, the Xbox One lineup for release games has been revealed. Some games, I’m really looking forward to, while others, I think you might want to pick up on some spare change or rent it. Either way they have a great lineup and you should read more and check it out and read about what I’m looking forward to as well.
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Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 thoughts

Hey everyone, Darkreaper here and I want to tell you about one of my favorite series, Kingdom Hearts. Now Kingdom Hearts III was announced at E3 and I am excited for it. This will be an exciting continuation of the plot, and it’s the one we all been waiting on for years. From the trailer you can see Sora finding a keyblade, which we know from Birth by Sleep is Aqua keyblade she received from Master Eraqus upon his death. Also, they feature a little bit of gameplay of Sora taking on a horde of heartless.
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