Diablo 3 has arrived on console

So Diablo 3 has been released on console, and they have improved the game and built the game back up from the ground in order to transfer it to console. The game was released on September 3rd. As a diablo fan or a blizzard fan, and having a console, I would recommend picking up the game. They made some changes that change the gameplay from the game on PC. Many would think why buy this if you already have it on PC? If you have a console, they added some new features and made some changes, which are worth looking into and possible restart the flame for diablo lovers.
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Let’s talk: Dead Rising 3

First we were playing as photo journalist Frank West in Willamette Colorado, then we moved to Fortune City where we took control of motocross superstar Chuck Greene. Now we’re playing as a mechanic Nick Ramos in Los Perdidos  California.. The city of Los Perdidos is a huge open environment where the player could do anything they want in an open setting that is bigger then the mall in Willamette and fortune city combine.
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Sony PlayStation 4 release date will be announced at Gamescon

Sony will be let us all know the biggest question us gamers ask when will the PS4 be released?  In four days we all will have an answer.  I’m so excited about this!  My guess will be on 10/28 I think they want to get the consoles in peoples homes before Call of Duty Ghost is release.  What date do you guys think the PS4 will be released? Tweet me @imfiveonethree Continue reading

Lunch Break Podcast EP1

Welcome to the first ever lunch break podcast. Kevin and I (fiveonethree) today talk about the GTA V trailer along with the Humble Bundle and the Xenoblade Chronicles sold at  Gamestop used for 89.99.  Sit back and enjoy also leave any your thoughts on our first show!!!Continue reading

August 13th, 2013 Game Releases

Hey everyone, Darkreaper here again to bring you the game releases for August 13, 2013. I am going to be splitting this article up by console in order for you to see what games were released for the consoles you have. Note: Some games my show up in different consoles cause they are being released on multiple platforms.

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PC Gaming Myths


As of the end of this generation of consoles, more and more people have been switching to PC. I for one am all for people coming over into the PC gaming world, so that they can experience what I have been preaching for a long time.

Unfortunately, PC gaming has a lot of myths surrounding it that holds a large portion of gamers from ever venturing into it. So for the rest of this article I will attempt to explain away a few common PC gaming myths.

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DarkReaper’s Bio

Hey everyone, I’m Kevin or DarkReaper. I’m a 20 year old gamer. Gaming has been a passion of mine for a long time, ever since I was a kid. I have been a huge console gamer but I am starting to get involved with PC gaming much more now. I will be doing Let’s Plays for the site, as well as other videos. You can catch me streaming from time to time also. So check out the articles and videos I’ve posted for you.