Let’s talk: Dead Rising 3

First we were playing as photo journalist Frank West in Willamette Colorado, then we moved to Fortune City where we took control of motocross superstar Chuck Greene. Now we’re playing as a mechanic Nick Ramos in Los Perdidos  California.. The city of Los Perdidos is a huge open environment where the player could do anything they want in an open setting that is bigger then the mall in Willamette and fortune city combine.
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Microsoft Points Are Gone


If you been on Xbox recently, they got rid of Microsoft points and are now using real life currency. PSN (PlayStation Network) used real life currency, and Nintendo had Wii points (now regular currency), and Microsoft had Microsoft points. But with the new update, Microsoft has abolished Microsoft points from being used. You can say, they were last on the band wagon to make this change. Normally, what difference does the game currency make to a console? Console currency doesn’t have too much difference for American users like me, but what about on the global scale?
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GTA V Hype


GTA V is launching in three weeks, and talk of the game has been everywhere. Rumors about the game have leaked as well. The game’s ending has been leaked, as well as the soundtrack for it. While one is a big spoiler, the other is the music that everyone enjoys listening to while playing. Are these rumors based on real proof, or is this just a Rockstar fan’s hyping up the game before release? We will not discuss the details of the spoilers or the music on the soundtrack in this article. None of it has been confirmed anyways, but we will talk about what I am looking forward to in GTA V and what I’m excited about from the trailers. The two things I am hype for in this game in the three person switching mechanic and the multiplayer.
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Splinter Cell Blacklist Collector’s Edition Unboxing

Hey guys I have a unboxing to show everyone and its for the game Splinter Cell Blacklist. To be honest  I am always a sucker for these types of collector editions since it did come with a flying plane.  So far I haven’t put the plane together yet to fly.  I will do a video on putting it together and flying the plane at a park which I’m very excited to do.  The game itself I won’t into to much detail but it is amazing so far, I love the fact it isn’t a run n gun game like all the others have been coming out .  The game builds on the stealth roots of the franchise which you can play three different ways. I will go into this more when my review goes up this weekend.  Hope you guys enjoyed the video also if anybody picked up the collector’s edition please tweet me @imfiveonethree and let me know your thoughts on the game and the collector’s edition.Continue reading

August 15th Xbox Free to play game: Dead Rising 2

Xbox gold members, as you already know or heard about, Dead Rising 2 is free for xbox live gold members. This also includes the DLC Dead Rising: Case Zero. Dead Rising is also an xbox live exclusive and the third will come out on the next gen console as an exclusive game as well. If you never played a dead rising game, now’s the time to check it out.
Dead Rising two takes place after the events of Dead Rising, and brings a lot of changes to the series. You can play co-op, craft weapons, and play online multiplayer for in-game cash. Dead Rising two in my opinion is worth the download and xbox storage space. Also, you do not need to play the first tule ja käy  game to understand the story.Continue reading

Let’s Talk: Call of Duty Ghosts

cod ghost
Call of Duty Ghosts is one of the most anticipated games that the world is looking for. New engine, new maps, new guns what else is there to look for?

The campaign looks stunning, with a whole new story and a whole new element will be taken place in this new Call of Duty, between fallen cities and under water adventures. from seal team six Riley the dog is a computerized image of the real thing, i was thinking that cant be. It is true the dog from Seal team six is in Ghosts and his name is Riley. this campaign is nothing like we have seen in any COD. Campaign is one thing, now multiplayer. New guns and maps that change, that is what i am really excited about. If you throw C4 down it will cause a dent in the map and show weak structures like in previous battlefield games. You want to look like a mercenary? or maybe a ARMY Ranger, or even a Navy Seal, that is possible with the 20000 possible customizable options you will get to make your own soldier to play with in Multiplayer.Continue reading

Diablo 3 Reaper of Soul Expansion Announcement


Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls expansion has been announced. Some of the things they mention is a new Act, smart drops, loot runs, ten levels, and a revamp on the paragon system, and a new character. There has been no price or date set for this release as of yet.

As a new player in this game, this expansion got me excited for my purchase. They’re making a lot of changes that I think will improve Diablo 3 and bring up the population of players more. I also like to see legendries drop a little bit more; I have yet to see any legendries despite being level 60, and at paragon 8. Also, I am playing on MP level 3 and no sighting of a legendary. In the expansion they said that will change, and the gear will be more towards your character. “Build changing gear” will bring more diversity in the gear that the player will use.Continue reading

Xbox One Lineup and Reaper’s Thoughts

At Gamescon, the Xbox One lineup for release games has been revealed. Some games, I’m really looking forward to, while others, I think you might want to pick up on some spare change or rent it. Either way they have a great lineup and you should read more and check it out and read about what I’m looking forward to as well.
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Sony announce PS Vita price drop to 199.99

Well gamers Sony has listen to their fans and have announce the price drop of the Vita at GamesCon in Germany today.  Sony did not say whether the price drop is only for the Wi-Fi only version for $249 or the $299 model that includes 3G connectivity.  My guess it will be for the Wi-Fi only and 3g will go down to 249.  I really hope the sales pick up for the Vita they have be horrible worldwide also this is the best companion for your PS4 as they demo that with Assassin’s Creed Black Flag.Continue reading