Twitch is confirmed for PS4

Damn now I guess I have to eat my words now.  I said on stream last week that Xbox put to much money into Twitch that it will never ever come to the PS4 well it just was announce today at gamescon. You will be able to stream right from your ps4 no cap card needed.  Now most likey you will need minimum of  1.5mbps or higher of upload speed to stream to Twitch.Continue reading

August 20th Game Releases

Hey everyone Darkreaper here again telling you about Game’s coming out on Tuesday, August 20th. We have a great lineup of xbox, playstation, Wii U, and PC games to be on the selling shelves, so be ready to possibly take out some money from your wallet.
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Call of Duty Ghosts: Prestige Edition Includes Season Pass And a Real 1080p HD Camera

Activison has announced the prestige edition for Call of Duty Ghosts which will include the the collectible steelbook with the game, paracord strap,and 1080p HD tactical camera. The season pass includes Ghosts Team Leader Pack, a multiplayer character found in the game’s single player campaign, as well as some other bonus digital content.Continue reading

Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 thoughts

Hey everyone, Darkreaper here and I want to tell you about one of my favorite series, Kingdom Hearts. Now Kingdom Hearts III was announced at E3 and I am excited for it. This will be an exciting continuation of the plot, and it’s the one we all been waiting on for years. From the trailer you can see Sora finding a keyblade, which we know from Birth by Sleep is Aqua keyblade she received from Master Eraqus upon his death. Also, they feature a little bit of gameplay of Sora taking on a horde of heartless.
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Sony PlayStation 4 release date will be announced at Gamescon

Sony will be let us all know the biggest question us gamers ask when will the PS4 be released?  In four days we all will have an answer.  I’m so excited about this!  My guess will be on 10/28 I think they want to get the consoles in peoples homes before Call of Duty Ghost is release.  What date do you guys think the PS4 will be released? Tweet me @imfiveonethree Continue reading

Batman: Arkham Origins Collector’s Edition

WOW when I saw this I said to myself I must buy this.  When I saw the price tag also I was like damn 119.99 for all that is a great price I though it was gonna go for the 149.99 price. Here is the long like what comes with the collector’s edition which is only available in North America. Will anybody be picking this up on 10/25 please let us know by sending a tweet to @imfiveonethree

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Lunch Break Podcast EP1

Welcome to the first ever lunch break podcast. Kevin and I (fiveonethree) today talk about the GTA V trailer along with the Humble Bundle and the Xenoblade Chronicles sold at  Gamestop used for 89.99.  Sit back and enjoy also leave any your thoughts on our first show!!!Continue reading